Top 5 men's casual shoes this season

By Christopher Milliner Oct 17, 19

Men's casual shoes trending this season

Shoes are always a great way to achieve that style and that look you want. They make you feel great and really set the style for your collection. Inspiration Online helps you discover your style by bringing you the latest fashion trends for men. In this article we're going to have a look at the top 5 trends for men's casual shoes. Getting that style right and looking great can be a lot cheaper and easier than you think. Let's dive into style and fashion.


Leather lace ups

Leather lace up shoes

Leather lace up shoes are great for comfort. The laces allow you to tighten or loosen the shoe as you feel is appropriate. This style has a lace that matches the leather in order to incorporate the lace into the design. The material of the shoe should be used in a way that shows off the great attributes of it. In this design, the raw look has been enhanced through the stitching with leather around the bottom of the shoe. Leather is a great material to use when considering your men's casual shoes as it's got a versatile look that can match your mood and comfort as well as show off a sense of high end style for minimum price.


Low top trainers


Low top trainers are making a trend too this season and of course this can be expected. Having a low top makes them super comfortable for every day use. These trainers from Inspiration Online are breathable which means even more comfort. Trainers can match most casual wear styles and are cheap enough to wear for every day use. The low top means there's great flexibility for your ankle which absorbs most the impact of active experiences rather than your knee absorbing it all. This makes the low top trainers one of the shoes that shouldn't be going out of style anytime soon. The thing to watch out for in trainers is the bottom of the shoe wearing out. When searching for the perfect low top trainer for your men's casual shoes collection, ensure it looks like it has a thick enough bottom to stand the test of time. Inspiration Online stocks these great trainers that have the perfect size bottom to stand the test of time but also not that think as to weigh the shoe down. Another tip would be to ensure you have a few different colours. Having a few colours in your men's casual shoes collection is the perfect way to ensure you're ready for any change in trending colours relating to men's casual shoes.


Slip ons

Slip ons
That's right! simple slips ons are making a come back this season and there's got to be a lot of guys and girls that are going to love this. Slip ons are the ultimate in comfort and they breathe easy. A simple design and a casual out fit will make sure any slip ons top off the ultimate casual style men's clothing look. When the weather warms up or you jump out that warm shower, nothing feels better than letting your feet breathe in a pair of slip ons. Inspiration Online of course has you covered with these wonderful casual men's slip ons at a perfect low price. Slip ons not only are in the trend this season but they have been one of men's favourite additions to their collection for years and it's about time they became trendy again. From Bar B Q to boating to fishing to hanging out with the boys, every guy loves the comfort and ease of slip ons. This style is proving Inspiration Online's aim of showing that everyone can be trendy. All it takes is an expression and a willingness to show and explore it. Take your style to the most versatile level with Inspiration Online's slip ons deals.


Bulky styles

Vulcanized shoes

The bulky look is back in guys! This is perfect for showing off your masculinity and making your mark in the men's fashion world this season. Bulky style shoes create comfort on the inside with great padding while maintaining a solid look on the outside. Usually bulky style shoes offer full lace up or a strap near the top of the ankle. This can pose some comfort issues id they are worn for walking a lot. However, if they are used and worn appropriately, they can be the most comfortable pair of shoes you can add to your men's shoes collection. In addition to the feel of this style, the solid look and the sturdy style becomes an essential part of exploring that masculine expression. Long gone are the days of bulky styles only being applicable in the workplace factory boots. Now you can bring out that strong expression and style everyday and with Inspiration Online, you can get this style in our men's shoes collection for a great price and FREE delivery.


 Oxford style

Oxford style shoe

Here is what you've been waiting for. The number 1 trending men's shoe style this season is the oxford style business shoe. This is a great shoe that's mostly suited for dressy and formal occasions but can work great with some casual styles. The oxford style has the laces exposed which makes it great to express the complexity of your personality. However with the sleek and smooth design, it shows class and expresses a sense of leadership within your style. This style men's shoe is perfect for that formal occasion or that important job interview. We have discussed what to wear to a formal meeting before and have some great suggestions on how to express yourself and show confidence within a formal style. This style shoe compliments this exact style perfectly because it is simple and also shows a professional appeal which is a great aspect for work place situations. This style really does speak for itself.


In conclusion, no matter which trending men's shoe style you choose to explore this season, make it your own. Own it and express it the way you like to. Shoes are a great way to add expression to the fashion trend you like and add individuality to your style. Inspiration Online offers the easiest way to get these looks by creating the best value and sourcing styles from all over the world. Now you don't have to spend hours searching for the great trends, simply use the search feature right here on the page or explore the men's shoes collection right here at Inspiration Online. Why would you pay high end prices when you can get the same style or better right here, in one place, at Inspiration Online.