Top 5 handbags this season

By Christopher Milliner Oct 28, 19

Top 5 handbags trending this season

It's that time of the year that Inspiration Online does the running around for you and collects the best trends in handbags and gives you the best bargains found online. Handbags can be expensive and the big brands want to squeeze every penny they can when you look for the best fashion around but Inspiration Online believes that fashion is for everyone and is making it easy for anyone to inspire their style within their budget. So get set as you're taken through the top 5 handbags trending this season.



This season leather is trending again but leather can be expensive if you don't know where to look. Of course Inspiration Online has you covered for this too with some great online only deals. Leather has a great traditional look and when used with a casual style, it can add an element of rough and easy expression to an outfit. In a more formal style, leather can add a sense of class and elegance to an expression. If you're looking to express a grounded, yet strong and classy look then leather is perfect choice to help you express yourself through fashion and still keep up with the latest fashion trends. The bag pictured is a perfect example.

leather shoulder handbag


Synthetic Alligator

Our next trending handbag style is synthetic alligator skin. This is a great trend away from real animal skin and towards synthetic skins that can be styled in more versatile ways. Synthetic skins give a great shine and are able to be moulded to reflect light in the correct way and in ways that real animal skins can't be. This makes synthetics a perfect addition to the trending handbags countdown. Skins that are rough add an element of texture to your style and the design is sure to stand out in the crowd. Inspiration Online only uses synthetics as it is not only ethical but also creates a much better look than naturals. When choosing a style make sure it is something you wish to express. Maybe you have a love for the natural world and want to incorporate some leather in other elements to express a natural look. In this case, synthetic skins are perfect. If you decide that synthetic alligator or snake skin would add what you need to your expression of fashion, then Inspiration Online has you covered with these synthetic skin handbags which are perfect to complete your collection.

Synthetic skins handbags



Totes are the in thing right now. Not only are they practical as they are usually big enough to store everything you could need for the day and more. They offer a huge base for artistic design and expression. Expressing yourself through totes doesn't have to be an expensive process. You can pick up some cheap blank totes from the local cheap shop and paint them yourself. Another option is buying one with artwork that suits your expression. Inspiration Online has a great range of artistic totes from dog artwork totes to turtle sea life totes. So if you're heading out for that family day out. You can still express your style and keep up with the latest handbag trends while keeping things practical. Totes are a great idea to use to carry everything you need for a busy day out as a group or that family outing that you seem to need the kitchen sink for. With Inspiration Online, you can always get the best value totes in the most creative and expressive designs available in the world. So in the end, if you don't have a tote in your handbags collection, then you certainly need one.

 dog print tote handbags



It's hip to be a square this season in the top 5 handbags. Small square styles are making a trend with clutches and small shoulder bags showing up more and more in everyone's collection. This style is perfect for that petite and feminine style. It's small size makes it easy to carry but also easy to get lost. You aren't going to fit a weekend adventure inside one of these simple little bags but they are perfect for the clubs or that day out with friends. Thanks to Inspiration Online, you can get this to add to your handbag collection for the best value possible. If you've been searching for that perfect clubbing bag or that perfect party accessory, then look no further. Inspiration Online has delivered once again with a stunning British fashion small square bag at the best price possible. Don't let this trend pass by. It's perfectly practical for all your fashion needs. Of course, if you're doubting this, you are defiantly going to fall in love with the top trend in online handbags this season.

British fashion small square bag

Matching Sets

Everyone wants their style to match their personality and with a matching set, you can make all your bags match your style. Buying handbags individually can often become expensive in the long term which means you can't complete that style you wanted so bad and express yourself the way you wanted. Inspiration Online has plenty of handbag bundles and combos like this handbags combo. Colours and the reasons behind colours was previously discussed in the article on what colour should I wear? After a look through this article, the choice of colour will be easy. Next it's just a matter of matching the material in the matching handbags set that best suits your style. All these styles are great when combined with matching sets because it gives you not only value for money but also makes your handbags collection more versatile.

matching handbags

All these handbags are a great addition to your style and with a bit of help from Inspiration Online, you can find the best and cheapest handbags around. The latest trending handbags are constantly changing with cultural and sociological changes. The best way to keep up to date on all the latest trends, fashion and online shopping deals is to sign up to Inspiration Online's newsletter. Not only will you get great deals and information delivered straight to you email inbox, you will become part of the Inspiration Online customer rewards program and earn points simply shopping! That's what makes Inspiration Online your one stop online shop for everything.