What colour is best for my style?

By Christopher Milliner Sep 23, 19

What is the best colour for you?

In this article we will explore colours in fashion. What colour would be best for you would be determined by a lot of factors. Not just the aesthetic benefits but we will also explore why we react differently to different colours and how we can use this to make ourselves feel great about our fashion style. After reading this you will leave having some great ideas that will fill you with confidence.

Why do we like particular colours?

Our personal preferences and interests can be a complex network of social, cultural and physiological reasoning. Psychology today's article on why we prefer certain colours explores this and the research behind it in great depth. To sum the article up, we prefer colours based on our experience with them. When I see a style that has bright yellows with spots of brown scattered, it reminds me of bananas which triggers my memories and good feelings about eating the fruit at family gatherings. Once we understand WHY we prefer colour, we can use this to develop the colours we want in our style.


Colour changes

Now we don't usually like to wear just one colour, we like to have a variety. So how can we incorporate more than one colour? That would depend on if you want certain aspects to "pop" out in your style or if you want the entire piece to be one big story. If you wanted to make your shoes stand out for example. You might want to wear a dark, long dress and bright red heels or if the guys wanted to show off their chest a bright white shirt under a black jacket and black pants would make the shirt pop. Alternatively, if the style wanted to tell a story similar to the leaves changing for an autumn style. A green top followed by some dark green or khaki green or camo green pants topped off with some brown dress shoes would be a great way to tell the story by fading the colours.
Colour fade cloud


When it comes to colours, there's no exact colour that will match you in particular. It's all about how you want to express yourself and how you want to show your style off. We are all individuals and we all have different personalities. This should show in our style and the trends we set for ourselves. Experiment, be confident and most importantly... be YOU. Remember, your style is all about you and what you want to express. You will look great no matter what clothing you wear or how you choose to wear it. Be yourself and inspire yourself.