5 Fashion tips for the everyday you

By Christopher Milliner Sep 20, 19

5 Tips we all can use

We all have those days that we just don't know how to make the style. Maybe you want to shake things up a bit. There's no need for endless hours in front of the mirror trying on different outfits, changing little bit by little bit until hours later it all falls in place. 

1. Don't over think

Ever look in the mirror, think everything is fine, then 5 minutes later you look again and decide your whole outfit just doesn't look right? Stop at this point. Think about why you chose that look in the first place. Why that bag goes with that dress. Guys, the same goes for you. No need to spend hours looking for that particular shirt to go with those particular pants. What you feel expresses you, is usually perfect. It was perfect the first time YOU saw it and other people will think so too. Don't doubt yourself.

Don't over think skeleton

2. Keep it simple

Ever heard of the KISS principal? It means Keep It Simple Stupid. You could have a million different accessories but a simple sundress or a simple suit can make the biggest impact of all. Over complicating things is just going to take time and effort. Why take half an hour deciding on the perfect sunglasses, necklace, etc. That one centrepiece is perfect just by itself.

Keep it simple cookies

3. Pick a theme

It doesn't have to be a complicated theme or a theme that involves a lot of thinking. Remember to still keep it simple. A simple "black" theme would be great for a formal occasion. A simple round necked dress with some high heeled flock pointed shoes and maybe a simple clutch to top it all off. Guys, a simple "rough" theme would be great for those family days out. Simply throw on some jeans, a plain shirt and some shoes.

Themed room

4. Dress for comfort

You won't impress anyone walking awkwardly in those shoes that don't feel right or in that outfit that doesn't make you feel 100% great. Dressing uncomfortable will lead to not only your discomfort but it will show in the way you move and hold yourself during your day/evening. There's absolutly nothing wrong with a simple vintage dress, some comfortable and slip ons and a cute tote bag. As for the guys, dressing good doesn't mean you need tight jeans and tight shirt. Try some stretchy jeans, plain shirt and your favourite pair of shoes.

Girl next to the pool

5. Be confident

 Last but defiantly not least, be confident. You are you and why not show off your best side. People look and feel better when they are confident. Everyone has a different fashion style and your style should be an expression of you as a person. Who you are is represented in your creativity in your wardrobe. Fashion is all about expression, not keeping up with the latest trends or trying to hit that 1 million likes goals. Be happy, be confident and people will defiantly love your style because it's you and you're great!

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I hope this article has inspired you to find your unique style. Just remember, fashion isn't a chore. Fashion is a style and an expression of yourself. At Inspiration Online we encourage uniqueness and expression by making the widest possible variety of styles and fashion available in the one stop online shop. Have a browse through the styles and find your inspiration. As always, inspire yourself with Inspiration Online.